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Wintop set up the processing plant so as to better manage and control quality of goods. There are about 80 workers in our factory, and during the most prosperity period, generally it is at the end or the beginning of Chinese New Year, there would be up to about 100 workers. As the increasing of orders from 2016 to 2018, our factory’s scale was expanded from 3000 square meters to 5000 square meters. Evenmore, in May 2019, in order to further expand our production capacity, it was enlarged to 12,000 square metres. For now, there are 5 producting lines, including 2 automatic cutting lines and 3 assembly lines. And 6 drilling machines, three of them are automatic drilling machines. At present, the production capacity could be reached to about 13MW per week and 60MW per month. Less than 2MW project could be prepared with one week.

By Feb 2020, our factory’s organization structure as follow,

Management Dpt: 8

General Dpt: 9

Quality-control Dpt: 4

Financial Dpt: 4

Purchasing Dpt: 3

Production Dpt: 50

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