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WTT-2PM-Fully fit for 210 module

-Multi-drive, more stable structure, more reliable system

-Intelligent AI algorithm to improve power generation

-Adaption to various terrains allowing a north-south slope up to 10% to 20%

-Easy installation and easy maintenance


PV- Modules supportedFully fit for 210 module
System typeMulti-drive -- double Portrait Horizontal Single-axis Tracker
Maximum capacity per row72kWp (Estimated with 600W PV-Modules)
PV- Module quantity per row2PX60,2PX45
Tracking Range±60°(Customized according to project)
Tracking accuracy±1°
Motor quantity1 motor per row
Structural MaterialsHDG Steel, Al- Mg-Zn Coating Steel
FoundationConcrete foundation, Steel pile, PHC pile
Quantity of foundation/MW

125 PCS/ MW (Estimated with 600W PV-Modules)

Solar tracking methodAstronomical algorithm + closed- loop control (AI)
Control systemMCU
Signal transmissionWire (RS485) or wireless (Zigbee)
Drive methodLinear
Motor Type24V DC Motor
Power supplyAC- powered or self- powered
Manual operationYes
Protection function
Wind protection≥18m/s
Night stow modeYes
Overheat preventionYes
Overheat preventionYes
System fault self-diagnosisYes
Rotate to horizontal time4-5min
Wind loadCustomized according to local condition
Operating temperature-30℃ ~ +60℃
Operating temperatureC5
Slope toleranceNorth-south 10%~20%, East-west no limits
Special toolsNot required
Load design standardGB, ASCE, BS EN,AS (according to project)

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